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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giving up Ibuprofen...Really

In my quest to replace the synthetics in my medicine cabinet with doTERRA's essential oils, I must confess that there are a couple over-the-counter products I am reluctant to give up. One being ibuprofen. Why? I no longer need it for muscle pain and stiffness, nor do I need it for it's anti-inflammatory benefits. All these symptoms I can treat with essential oils. I rarely get headaches not associated with a cold, but I thought I ought to have this synthetic on hand...just in case.

On Friday, for no apparent reason that I can figure, the right side of my forehead and the right side of my neck started to ache, not too badly, but enough that I was beginning to focus too much attention on the ache, and getting distracted from the work at hand. So on a whim, I thought I would give the essential oils a shot.  I applied a drop of peppermint and eucalyptus on my forehead and neck. Within thirty SECONDS I felt the oils' coolness seep in and the ache dissipated.  Two hours later I felt the ache return in my neck, but not quite as bad as before, and then 3 hours later a milder form of the headache returned. But the great thing is, I can simply re-apply. There is no worry of overdosing or taking too much.

Today I was sitting at my computer trying to work on one project, with two other projects bearing down on me and a bag of worries (that's my job as Mom of the house) sitting on my shoulders.  I felt the tension building in my shoulders and within a half an hour I had a big tension headache. I again turned to peppermint and eucalyptus. While I felt the wonderful soothing coolness radiate along my head and neck for an hour or so, I could feel the ache lingering in the background. So, I applied them again and included a layer of frankincense.  This worked like a charm.  Here's a brief explanation why... peppermint and eucalyptus have analgesic properties that could alleviate the pain. The addition of the frankincense added, among its laundry list of properties, emotional balance with its antidepressant property. 

Wahoo! I can tick the use of ibuprofen for a headache off my list. My kids will be very relieved as they hate the chewable tablets, and I will feel so much better applying oils for a symptom rather than offering my kids chemicals.

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  1. I love hearing all the discoveries that come with applying the oils. My recipe for intense headaches has been lavendar, frankincense, then peppermint. Apply to forehead temples and back of neck and shoulders. I also heard from friends that Doterra's, Past Tense is a great stress headache release oil. Can't wait to share more with you next week at the Oil Workshop!