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If you had the power to boost you and your family's immune systems, would you?

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The answers are obvious, and through the use of medical-grade essential oils I am meeting the challenge. I am so excited about what I learn from using doTERRA's essential oils that I want to share my experiences with you. Join the Daily doTERRA blog and explore how the use of essential oils can boost the health and vitality of your family. Here's to a happy and healthy 2012!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

‘Tis the season to clean – the body, the mind, the house.  Where to begin?  Being a “fall person” I am easily overwhelmed at springtime. So here are some baby steps for moving into this season.
The body: A simple, first step is drinking a glass of water with 4-5 drops lemon essential oil mixed in.  It is a wonderfully refreshing way to start the day AND it helps the body cleanse itself by encouraging the elimination of wastes. When taken consistently for 6-8 weeks, lemon will boost the immune system.  Someone asked me, “Why not just squeeze the juice of a lemon into your water instead?” It turns out that 22 cups of strong lemon tea are equal to a couple drops of lemon essential oil.  I like lemons, but not 22 cups worth. Lemon is also a great defense against spring allergies. A drop of lemon in a teaspoon of honey soothes a sore throat. Two to three drops of lemon in a glass of juice or water several times a day combats a runny nose. As an aside, doTERRA’s lemon essential oil is so different from any lemon oil I have ever smelled. Lemon oil is cold-pressed from the rind, so the lemons grown for doTERRA are grown for their rind, with the meat of the lemon as a by-product.  No pesticides or chemicals are used on the Italian farms where the lemons are grown.
The mind: With the house having been closed for the winter season, I like to put a few drops of wild orange or lemon in my cool mist humidifier and run it for 15-20 minutes in each room.  Oils are the great balancer – meeting us where we are. When I need a boost of energy, lemon is an invigorating scent – radiant, uplifting and stimulating. AND when I start to become overwhelmed with the mountain of things that need to be done, lemon helps to prevent emotional outbursts and assists in making decisions. Lemon helps spring-clean the mind, bringing clarity and shedding light when the mind has become overwhelmed.
The house: This is what I have to clean today. My oldest child suffers from fall and spring allergies so keeping her room free of pollen and dust is a constant.  After vacuuming her room (and mattress) thoroughly, I spritz Purify (8 drops of Purify in a small spray bottle of water)on her mattress and the rug. Purify is a blend of lemon, lime, pine, citronella, melaleuca and cilantro – a real powerhouse of cleaners. Once I’ve remade the bed with clean sheets, I spritz lavender on her pillow.  Lavender or lemon can also be added to the washing machine when washing sheets and towels.
Most of the first floor of my home is hardwood floors. The installer told me to use a solution of distilled vinegar and water to wash the floors – not the most pleasant scent.  I add 8-15 drops of lemon or Purify to the solution and it is such a wonderful, fresh scent, I ALMOST enjoy scrubbing my floors. Happy oiling!

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